People should be educated on the food choices they make daily.

The majority of people won’t want big scientific words thrown at them

Nutrition should be simple but also practical

Beginner nutrition aims to educate in small doses.


6 thoughts on “Beginner Nutrition Philosophy

  1. Hi ben just been reading the 30 day challenge article however having only a small amount of carbs 30g per day, won’t your body turn that into fat as it is not getting regular carbohydrates? I’m intrigued to find out as I am interested in trying this challenge out.

    • It’s actually the opposite Rob..

      As you are limiting your body to minimal carbs then your body has to use fat for fuel. The first 10 days are tough.. Then on the evening of the 10th day you can have a re-feed after training and consume a considerable amount of carbs.

      Just be sure to keep your protein high throughout.

      That help?

      • I cannot give a yes or no answer as it depends on so many things. But there are steps you can take to promote fat loss or promote muscle gain doing this protocol.. But to ensure that you give yourself the best chance to maintain muscle mass then you need to 1) keep protein high (maximum 2g per kg of bodyweight) and 2) lift heavy..

        What is your goal? the Carbbackloading principle is targeted at muscle gain with fat loss as well.

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