Louis Adams (Triathlete)

” Before I consulted with Ben on my nutrition, I had a diet that was heavily reliant on Carbs believing them to be the ultimate source of energy for my sport. I would frequently feel empty mid ride and consume large amounts of energy gels throughout the ride just to keep going.

Having read many of Bens articles on the beginner nutrition blog, it got me thinking maybe I should invest in my nutrition as I do in my training surely it’s as important. After answering a few questions. I was supplied with a well designed and thoroughly researched plan, that really made a massive difference within a few days.

Within seven days of starting the plan I rode 147 very hilly miles on the hottest day of the year . Normally on a ride of this length I would start feeling tired at about 80 miles especially in the heat, but I felt absolutely epic and only consumed 1/3 of the energy products I usually would. I also managed to smash a power target (in August 2013) which I had set myself for  march 2014.

Following the advice and plan given by Ben I no longer have peaks or troughs in my energy levels and my body composition has certainly changed for the better.

Thank You ”

Rhys Evans (Rugby Player, gym user)

“I consulted with Ben after several years of training without seeing the benefits I was looking for with my physique and general fitness. I, like most people who go to the gym, was probably guilty of thinking they knew enough about nutrition for training through reading the likes of mens health magazine and speaking to other gym users.  My diet at the time was basically based around having carbohydrates as my main energy source to fuel my training. With this I would find my energy levels would peak and crash and regular intervals.

After my initial consultation with Ben to find out some information about my current training and diet and also my long term goals, I was drafted up a new diet and training schedule that was tailored around my lifestyle.  The diet  was built around a high protein intake, using fats as my main energy source and using carbohydrates to refuel after a training session

The biggest obstacle I found after starting the diet was the lack of carbohydrates as my main food source which was causing me to feel tired and lack energy.  This only lasted about a week before I started to notice the benefits of my new diet which was enabling me to feel more energized and train for longer in the gym without the crash afterwards. After about 3 weeks I noticed a difference in my physical appearance. I noticed more muscle definition and more strength in the gym as well as losing body fat around the stomach region.

To summarise, I would highly recommend Ben and Beginner Nutrition to anyone who is serious about training who would like and would like to see genuine results. The diet plan and training programme was easy to follow and the support from Ben was excellent”


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