This is not a post about nutrition. It’s about my rugby 7’s team; Y BaaBaariaid. I wanted to write something about the team and this seemed the best platform with a little help from twitter.

There are many things that I’m passionate about (nutrition included) but nothing more than Y BaaBaariaid.

For those that don’t what I’m talking about; Y BaaBaaraid (the barbarians in welsh) is the 7’s team that I play for and was lucky enough to captain for 3 seasons.

Saturday 5th July 2014 ; is the date of the first ever BAA day.  This marks the latest achievement of a team that started 4 years ago. BAA day is the first festival that the team will host at Neslson RFC. Unfortunately I cannot be there because I am in Brisbane playing rugby here.

The reason I wrote this was not to sell tickets for BAA day but to express why I’m so proud to be part of such a special team.

I have had some of the best days of my life since being part of this team; there are enough stories and photos to write a best selling book. We’ve been to many places; met many people and made a huge amount of friends through being part of this team. We’ve also entered (and won) many tournaments.

We have built a positive reputation amongst the 7’s and rugby community, because we are so different to typical 7’s teams.

There are generally two types of 7’s teams in my opinion; ones that take it very seriously and are looking for trophies/ cash prizes. And the others are the teams that love alcohol and do not give a shit about rugby.

We fall somewhere in between.

On the field we are kitted out with the best gear thanks to our many generous sponsors.

Our standard off field attire is a charity shop suit with crocs.

We have had may players that have worn the jersey since we started. Perhaps over 40 or 50. But there are a core group of about 10-12 players that have been there regularly from the start that make this team so special.

Before I put on the BAA jersey for the first time I did not know 80% of the team. 4 years later and they would be the first names on my stag do.

I cannot tell you how we created it and I’m not sure it could be replicated but what we have is definitely unique. I will probably get some banter thrown my way for writing this but all of that aside; I am honoured to be part of this team.

I hope that not only BAA day is a success but you also win your own trophy.

Here’s to many more years and I can’t wait to rejoin the team

BaaBaa’s always, always (B.A.A), don’t forget it.


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