I looked up to a teacher when I was in school who was in great shape; I wanted to be like him.

6 foot; built and shredded. He claimed he was completely natural (which I still believe to this day).

He showed me some things I should be doing in the gym and I listened. I got a little stronger and started to feel like I was progressing.

But I was probably still only 9 stone soaking wet.

I wanted to gain some weight; and at the time I meant serious weight gain. I wanted to be huge.

I asked him what to do to put this weight on;

His response: “Eat a loaf of bread a day

No shit.. This was his advice

So I did; for about 12 months solid.

Every morning before school I would buy a thick loaf of braces bread; I’d eat half before school and the other half at break time

I even had my own technique for eating it quicker because there was so much (put two pieces together and roll them up to make a “sausage”)

It was soon known as the “The Ben Diet”

It even became a running joke with the ladies in the shop.

This story is twofold

a) Don’t eat a loaf of bread a day – Ever
b) Just because someone is in good shape it doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about.

I now get asked a lot of questions about my own personal nutrition;

What do you eat?

What diet do I follow?

Do you track your macros?

Etc Etc

I finally gained some muscle in 2013 after struggling for almost 10 years previously; it came down to two things lifting heavy and calories.

You may have heard this before; but doing it is another kettle of fish.

Currently I don’t track my exact macros and I don’t follow a specific diet or protocol.

I eat foods that

a) give me the nutrients I need
b) taste good

I have a rough idea of the amount of calories I eat each day.

Currently my standard daily food looks like this

Meal 1 – High calorie shake – 1 scoop of whey, tablespoon of nut butter, 2 teaspoons coconut oil, frozen berries, spinach.
Meal 2 – 100g Salmon (smoked or fillet) 3 boiled eggs, kale, spinach, tomato
Meal 3 – Lean beef mince (cooked as burger, or chilli etc) with green veg and a carb source
Meal 4 – Spiced chicken breast, green veg, carb source
Meal 5 – PWO shake – 2 scoops whey, 2 scoops maltodextrin, 8g creapure creatine
Meal 6 – Chicken, carb source, greens or oats, dates and granola with whole milk

I’ve wrote “carb source” because I follow a simple carb cycling strategy.

On training days I have 400g of carbs
Non training days I have 200g of carbs

The carb source may vary from day to day but I generally stick to rice and potatoes.

This diet suits my goal, my budget, my preferences and my lifestyle.

If you have any questions the just tweet me @bencullen_ (you can follow me below if you scroll down)


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