Sunday roast dinner was (and still is) my favourite meal as a kid.

Pretty much every Sunday my mother would cook a roast and we’d sit around like most families do.

There is one particular Sunday that sticks out in my memory; I was around 6 years old

I’d finished everything on my plate bar my cabbage.. I hated cabbage.

I wasn’t allowed to leave the table until I’d eaten my cabbage.

But one day; I came up with an awesome idea (remember I was 6)

When my mother and father started to clear up (because they were fed up of waiting for me to eat my cabbage)…

I decided to throw my cabbage under the table when they were out of the room

Perfect. There was a long table cloth; they’d never find out.

I told them I’d eaten it; they were amazed and believed me.

I was then allowed to go and play “wrestling” next door with Louis.

On a side note: Louis is actually one of my most successful clients and kindly wrote this testimonial

Anyway; the glory didn’t last long; my father found the cabbage and I was sent to my room within 30 minutes of me thinking I was a genius.

I really wasn’t a fan of veg as a kid

Over the years my taste has matured and now eat a lot more vegetables; but for many years I didn’t really.

If I’m totally honest I’m not a lover of plain veg now; I’ll eat it and I’ll eat a lot of it. But I can’t say I love it.

Over the past few months I have found ways to enjoy it more and almost “hide it” at times.

Below I’ve highlighted some of the tactics I use to ensure I a) eat more veg and b) enjoy it.

1 – Butter

When I steam or boil veg I always add some kerrygold butter. The butter is a good source of fat; it softens the veg nicely plus it tastes great.

2 – Shakes

I’d seen a few people promoting green smoothies and super shakes with some veg such as spinach and kale in them. I didn’t fancy the idea of this at all at first.

When I tried it I was surprised with how nice it was. Have a protein shake with some milk, berries, spinach, kale – Awesome! Add nut butter for extra calories

3 – Pan fried veg

Warm up a pan, add some kerrygold butter, throw on some tender some broccoli, asparagus, spinach, peppers, onions, kale etc. Add spices and you have some tasty wilted veg!

4 – Roast veg

Similar to above but in the oven; throw everything in a tray, add spices; Voila!!

These 4 tactics make veg tastier and easier to  consume more.

Don’t throw your cabbage; just make it tastier

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