In my last post I discussed how to introduce new habits to your life.

Read it here

One habit I have chosen for myself is to blog every sunday in 2014.

I used to try and blog every wednesday but Wednesday was often a difficult day for me; plus I think people are more likely to read my work on a sunday.

So this is my first blog on the first sunday of 2014.

I thought I’d share my 2013 for my first article;

You may not be interested in what I have achieved but I wanted to write it down somewhere to refer back to in the future; this seems the perfect place.

I’m going to list them for easier reading.

  • Started beginnernutrition.com in January 2013
  • 63 posts – 18,000 views from 66 countries 
  • Worked with 24 clients
  • 1st Seminar with 50 people attending
  • Created beginner nutrition workbook
  • Almost half way through precision nutrition certification
  • Resident author at university nutrition.co.uk – Co-authored e-book
  • Articles regularly featured on inattheside.com
  • 3 articles featured on James Haskell’s website
  • Teamed up with ICON nutrition
  • Delivered nutrition Workshop for WRU
  • Taught GCSE and A-Level P.E/Nutrition
  • Finished coaching/teaching with a company after 5 academic years – Coached/Taught over 10,000 children (approx, possibly a lot more)
  • Got the job for a full time job as a sports development officer
  • Achieved  merit or distinction in all my masters assignments
  • Successful year in rugby personally
  • 7’s Team most successful year – 3 trophies (Y BaaBaariaid)
  • I gained 7kg of muscle (see below)

2013 comparison

These are things that are easily measured or explained.

But I have learned more in 2013 than I ever have before; not just science but life lessons, business, work, behaviours, attitudes, challenges etc.

I’ve aslo had a good time along the way. It’s not all work; I’ve made memories that will live with me forever.

I’ve had a good year but I always want more. I’m excited for 2014.

Here are my most important outcome goals for 2014

  • Complete Masters
  • Complete precision nutrition
  • Build an email list for beginner nutrition
  • Write an e-book
  • 50,000 views on beginner nutrition

Here are my most important behaviour goals

  • Spend less time on twitter – Only use in the evening
  • Drink more water – Glass with every meal
  • Use diary to plan more – Fill in every night before bed
  • Blog every sunday

I have no idea how 2014 will go for me as I am moving to Australia in February.

But I’m going to make another big year

Thank you for reading this and supporting beginnernutrition.com


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