I held my first seminar on Saturday

“Beginner Nutrition”

The seminar was based on the fundamentals and providing information that people could take away and apply immediately.

Here is some of the feedback I received….


It was great Ben. You did very well, very informative. 

Really interesting and informative seminar with @BenCullen_ this morning

Well done @BenCullen_ sublime presentation, delivery, flow and content. Very commendable! Spoke like a leader. 

Really enjoyed Beginner Nutrition Seminar today. Really helpful! Very useful tips to start taking control of our diet @BenCullen_

Great seminar this morning buddy good to finally meet you and nice to get a jar of @lucybeecoconut

Awesome morning @BenCullen_ nutrition seminar. Looking forward to putting the info into action for a big year #2014

Great morning learning at @BenCullen_ seminar! 

Thanks to @BenCullen_ seminar this morning , I have a better understanding on how to reach my goals 🙂

Good seminar this morning, quality info and two hours flew by thanks @BenCullen_

Great Seminar by @BenCullen_ this morning. #LearntALot.

Good work on sat mate really enjoyed, you did really well.

Didn’t get a chance to text you yesterday evening mate, really enjoyed your seminar and got again bit out of it!

Good seminar yesterday fella learnt a lot. 

Nice seminar today bro! Well done!

Really impressed with your manor today mate. That good nature combined with your commitment, you will have a long and successful career. To be brave and jump into that so early on in your development is admirable, and the fact you was honest and likeable made it work. 

Well done for Saturday. I thought it was really informative and was put across in a way everyone could understand and you spoke well.


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