The UK spends billions of pounds each christmas on gifts for others. It’s a special time of year.

We always chat about how difficult it is to buy presents for others and how we struggle for ideas.

Gifts can be hit or miss; there are a few types of gifts you may receive or even give this Christmas.

The safe gift – something bought almost for the sake of it e.g. bottle of wine

The obvious gift – something bought that you know that person will use but isn’t that great e.g. socks

The stocking filler gift  – something bought that is on display at the till when buying another item e.g. novelty shower cap

The thoughtful gift – Something bought that represents a memory that you and another person share e.g. digital photo album

These gifts are great but don’t offer anything long term and may be forgotten about after a few weeks.

You could help change someone this Christmas.

You could provide them with a tool to work towards an improved version of themselves; especially after indulging over the Christmas period.

Goals vary between individuals;

Improved performance?

More muscle?

Less body fat?

Better health?

Some individuals just want advice to make basic changes and make better choices to improve the way they eat.

Buy someone a nutrition consultation this christmas for just £25. Money back guarantee.

Email beginnernutrition@gmail.com to purchase one this Christmas.

Or go to beginnernutrition.com/consultation for more information.


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