Pasta is often seen as a healthy choice for the majority of the population.

The fact it’s low in fat is probably the main reason.

Or perhaps it’s because the government recommends a high carbohydrate diet and pasta is seen as a good choice.

Or maybe because it’s viewed as an athletes food. Often promoted as a great pre or post competition meal to help glycogen storage/replacement.

This post is going to educate you as to why pasta may not be as “healthy” as you first thought.

Is it unhealthy?

Not necessarily. But there are a few reasons why you may want to trial my  recommendations at the end.

What is pasta? 

Pasta originated in the Mediterranean but has become a food that is eaten all over the world.

Pasta basically has 2 ingredients

Wheat Flour

So what’s the issue?

It’s not necessarily pasta, it’s the wheat.

Wheat is also used to make many other foods; bread, cakes, pastries, cereals etc.

Why is wheat an issue? 

I will highlight 3 points.

1) Modern wheat (compared to just 50 years ago) is far less nutritious than it used to be. It contains less vitamins and minerals due to agricultural experiments and mass yield production.

This fact may not bother some people because they don’t eat bread for the micronutrients.

But point 2 is the reason I avoid wheat 99% of the time.

2) Wheat contains the protein gluten (you’ve probably heard of gluten?). Consuming the gluten within wheat can inflame the body, it can perforate the gut which can lead to a wealth of health issues.

This perforation can lead to partially digested substances to leak from the digestive tract into the bloodstream (often known as leaky gut syndrome).

3) Wheat can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar level. This will lead to a “crash” in energy and can influence fat gain.

Dr Davis the author of wheat belly describes wheat as “a perfect, chronic poison”

So here are my recommendations.

1. Trial this period without wheat to see how you feel.

2. Swap your pasta for rice. I am a big fan of basmati. 

3. Remove your sandwiches. Keep the contents of your sandwich and add some salad, veg, olive oil, nuts to it.

There is an incredible amount of research and information about wheat available. If you want more info then read a few articles online to get a wider range of info.

Please Note 

I am not saying don’t eat wheat again.

What I am saying is… It’s worthwhile trialling a wheat free period to see how you feel.


2 thoughts on ““Not so healthy” … Pasta edition

  1. I’ll definitely give this a go, Pasta has pretty much been my goto food source, So will be interesting to see how this effects me.

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