I started this blog to educate in simple terms but more importantly how to apply it to everyday life.

I’ve gone away from this in recent times and written some more scientific and advanced articles.

They would not be seen as scientific and advanced to those who are interested/work in nutrition and fitness. But for the general public they may have been seen as useless as it may not apply to their needs.

I plan on going back to the start again in the next few weeks and write some basic articles that will educate and is practical advice you can take away.

This article is to launch my blog series

“Not so Healthy ”

There are many foods that are perceived as healthy, but when you delve deeper they’re not actually that “healthy”.

But how can we determine if it’s healthy?

In my experience and observations many believe “healthy” foods are those that are either low calorie or low fat (I certainly used to).

I don’t need to tell you that fruit and veg is healthy; but why are they healthy?

What is the criteria for a healthy food?

Criteria for good food????

This series is going to focus on one food each week.

It will be a short article each time based on foods that people consume; day in, day out because it’s “healthy”.


I am not for one second going to slate and criticise people who are eating these foods; I want to educate to hopefully help them make better choices.

I am going to explain why these foods are not actually that good for you and how you can replace them.

The first food to be looked at is …………………. pasta

Please engage and ask questions if you want to know something.

I’m close to 15,000 views on this website but I’ve probably only ever had 25 questions.

Either leave a comment below or tweet me @bencullen_


7 thoughts on ““Not so healthy” series

  1. Having minimal understanding of diet and nutrition, pasta is usually my goto source for lunch, with chicken and salad/veg. I usually try to go for brown pasta. Is there a better alternative to this?

    • Put in a stock cube when you cook it, it will make it tastier and slightly more sticky.

      When you pull it out of the fridge and allow to warm to room temperature/microwave it, it will not feel raw.

  2. This type of blog is much needed. Citizens want to eat healthier, but lack the resources and information. In a similar vein, I try to be supportive via my blog by providing doable healthy eating tips and information on cooking beans. Also I can be followed for further advice and support via @CityHealthChick. Keep up the great work!

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