Lots of the people around me know that I have an interest in nutrition.

Many of them now think that they have to justify the foods they are eating because they think I will judge them.

I do not judge anyone; I’ve eaten my fair share of junk in the past before I knew what I know now. 

The issue I have is when people make up excuses, not only with the food they eat but with their body/health/well-being etc.

I believe you should be honest with yourself. 

If you want a chocolate bar, then have a chocolate bar.

If you want a pizza, then have a pizza if that’s what you want to do.

But don’t make an excuse to have it..

“I had a salad for lunch so I can eat a tub of ice cream tonight”

“I went for a 10 minute walk two days ago so I can have a kit kat”.

I understand that it’s important for people to rationalize their thoughts but look at the bigger picture. The clients I have very massively; some are very specific in their goals and their commitment and some are just looking to eat better and feel better. 

(I am not condoning eating shit by the way)


People make excuses if they are trying to lose body fat or gain muscle or increase strength etc. if they are not progressing. 

 There are two key points to consider in my opinion.

  1. You are not using a suitable approach if you are 100% committed to the process


  1. You are simply not being honest with yourself

If you are not training, eating or sleeping suitably for your goal then don’t expect realistic results. 

Ultimately; we all want to be happy. Happiness means something different to everyone. But don’t make excuses to justify what you are doing, be honest.


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