I have recently taken on a few clients to further improve my nutritional knowledge but in a real life situation as opposed to just what the research says.

All of my clients have given me extremely positive feedback since investing in me. Here is my first testimonial that I have added to a “testimonials” page.

Louis Adams (Triathlete)

” Before I consulted with Ben on my nutrition, I had a diet that was heavily reliant on Carbs believing them to be the ultimate source of energy for my sport. I would frequently feel empty mid ride and consume large amounts of energy gels throughout the ride just to keep going.

Having read many of Bens articles on the beginner nutrition blog, it got me thinking maybe I should invest in my nutrition as I do in my training surely it’s as important. After answering a few questions. I was supplied with a well designed and thoroughly researched plan, that really made a massive difference within a few days.

Within seven days of starting the plan I rode 147 very hilly miles on the hottest day of the year . Normally on a ride of this length I would start feeling tired at about 80 miles especially in the heat, but I felt absolutely epic and only consumed 1/3 of the energy products I usually would. I also managed to smash a power target (in August 2013) which I had set myself for  march 2014.

Following the advice and plan given by Ben I no longer have peaks or troughs in my energy levels and my body composition has certainly changed for the better.

Thank You “


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