Everyone starts new year with a resolution.

How many stick to it? I’d love to know. I’m going to say 0.5% as a guess.

How long are you supposed to commit to the resolution for? 1 year I guess?

How strict do you have to be? It depends on the resolution I suppose.

I made 2 last year…

1. Spend less time on my phone

2. Write down my things to do/targets for the week everyday.

I have not stuck to number 1, in fact I may have got worse due to trying to turn beginner nutrition into a business and dealing with emails/clients/questions etc.

But I have stuck to number 2 for 90% of the time which has really helped me progress this year.


I have become much more interested in behaviour change lately, how people work, how to improve certain things, how to make things easier for people which is what my beginner nutrition philosophy is based around. 

1 year is a very long time, I don’t think that people stick to their resolutions because of this.

So what did you achieve so far this year? Everything you wanted? Nothing you wanted? There are 4 months left of 2013 for you to make small changes to your nutrition, training, job, health or a million other things.

What I suggest is that you make a small change that is manageable for you.

Do you prep lunch for work? If not then maybe you can start making food for work that is going to benefit your goals, health, well-being.

Do you already prep lunch for work? If so then how can you make it better (start with ditching the sandwiches if you eat them).

There are small changes you can make to improve yourself as a person to improve your life ultimately to make you happier. It’s not about being someone else, it’s about being a better you.

I am lucky enough to be in a position where I have gained 10 clients that trust me to get results. I know come 2014 they will be very happy with investing in me because I have introduced small changes to improve their health, nutrition and body

Make a small change today.

@BenCullen_ on twitter for questions. 


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