I often hear people say eating healthy is expensive.

If you are going to go out and buy all of the ingredients to make one meal then it may be expensive. But if you do a little bit of prep then you can make a few meals out of one.

Batch cooking will save you time and money but the majority of people in my opinion 

a) don’t want to spend time cooking due to laziness or desire (even though you save time further down the line).

b) don’t have the cooking skills/knowledge/control with food.

I don’t want this blog to be recipe/cooking based but I guess that comes under the “beginner nutrition” umbrella if people don’t know where to start. 

Anyway.. This post I am going to give you two meals i regularly eat that are cheap, nutritious and taste good too.

These meals may not suit your goals/taste fancies but they can always be adapted to suit you. 

1) Breakfast – 4 eggs, 2 bacon, tomato, spring onion, spinach, kerrygold butter

Scramble all of these up in a  pan.  High fat, high protein meal

£1.55 per serving (depending on quality etc.) 

£1.55 for a meal like this is very cheap. It may seem expensive compared to a bowl of cornflakes but the two simply cannot be compared nutritionally. What breakfast/ready meal can you buy for £1.55 out of the house?

2. Dinner – Chicken breast, sweet potato and spinach mash, broccoli, green beans.

High protein and high carb meal. Good for a post training meal.

£2.50 per serving

What ready meal can you buy for £2.50 as good as this? You can’t.

Invest some time in food and it will pay off.

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One thought on ““Eating healthy is expensive”

  1. Plus if you factor in the money you don’t spend on snacks because they actually keep you fuller for longer. Definitely cheaper.

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