BNlogoAs the summer approaches people become more conscious of the way their body looks. In the months/weeks leading up to the summer season many people will work hard in the gym and eat better to get into shape.

What happens on the holiday to your nutrition/training?

This largely depends on the type of holiday and what you are like as a person.

It is likely to largely differ if you are away with the “lads” compared to going away with your boyfriend/girlfriend and their family.

So, this article is going to give you some simple advice to try and help you maintain your physique/health as much as possible.

So the main reason we go on holiday is for enjoyment, this could be relaxing in the sun 24/7, going sight-seeing, maybe an adrenaline based holiday or 7 days in Europe with your best mates drinking.

So first of all your training and nutrition should definitely take a back seat. Stressing over these will only result in negative hormone release. Remember its all about enjoyment.

However there are steps we can take to help reduce health and physique detriments. Some of these may seem obvious but how many of you will actually do them?

1- it’s a boring answer. WATER. If you’ve had a lot to drink the night before and plan on doing the exact same thing for the next 6 nights then you must increase your water intake in the earlier part of the day. The combination of heat and alcohol will significantly dehydrate you.

2- there will be fresh food available in all warm holiday resorts and there will also be a lot of fast food places too. Take the option for fresh food, not only does it ensure your getting essential nutrients and having no chemicals but it also tastes far better. You can eat a McDonald’s anywhere in the world. Why not try some of the local foods.

3- if we are looking to maintain muscle then try to get a decent protein feeding at least twice a day. Ideally it would be 3 or 4 times a day but that may be costly and not practical. A possible way around this would be to take some protein bars with you. Buy a small box online and take them in your suitcase.

4- if you are on holidays for 2 weeks then I would recommend some sort of training. That’s a long time to go without no sort of exercise/training. If muscle is a concern then a body weight workout would work nicely. If we are concerned with fat gain then do some fasted exercise. Wake up and go do some walking or high intensity work. I wouldn’t recommend a “jog”.

5- sleep patterns are completely ruined if you are on a lads or girls holiday. Try and get some sleep in the day if you can. Mid afternoon is a great time to do it, the temperature is lower, all the daytime activities/fun have passed and you can wake up in time for dinner.

6- I think sugar can be an issue on holiday. There are options everywhere, cold fizzy drinks, ice lollies, fruit juice in the morning, mixers in drinks, cocktails etc. I completely understand the appeal for all of them however if we are concerned with our body and the way we feel then perhaps it should be considered before dipping your hand in to the chest freezer for your 3rd magnum of the day.

I am not saying you should count calories, not have any ice cream or alcohol and be strict.

But what I am saying is if you bust your ass in the gym for 12 weeks or more running up to it then why not follow some of these steps to maintain as best you can the physique and health you arrived with.

Direct questions to @Bencullen_


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