“If I eat less calories than i burn off  I will lose weight”

“If I eat more calories than i burn off I will gain weight”


Not necessarily. Calories are very important when considering goals but eating a set amount of calories does not definitely mean you will lose/gain weight. 

Before I go any further.. One point I want to make. People obsess about weight (I did for a long time). Don’t obsess with weight. Make your goals more specific; fat loss as opposed to weight loss and muscle gain instead of weight gain for example. 

Ok so calories.. 

We live in a world where low calorie foods/drinks are seen as healthy. Many foods are advertised with the calories on the front to show how little the product contains. 



What people do not understand is that our body reacts differently to different foods. 

500Kcal of carbohydrates will have a completely different reaction to 500Kcal of animal protein.

500Kcal of brown rice will have a completely different reaction to 500Kcal of white bread despite them both being carbohydrates. 

The standard government guideline for an adult is 2000Kcal a day. But 2000Kcal can be made up in many ways.

Person A

Crunchy Nut with semi skimmed milk – approx 450 Kcal (depending on portion size)

Ham & Cheese Sandwich (Tesco) – 385 Kcal

Big Mac Meal with coke (medium) – 1,130 Kcal 

Total – 1965

Person B

5 egg omelette with spinach, asparagus, green pepper and onion – approx 550Kcal

Apple with 50g Almonds – 245 Kcal

Chicken Salad (spinach, cucumber, tomato, iceburg lettuce, jalapenos, olive oil) – approx 500 Kcal.

Salmon, green beans, new potatoes, broccoli, butter – approx 400 Kcal

Total greek yoghurt (200g) with blueberries – 280 Kcal 

Total – 1975.

From this I will assume a couple of things. They cannot all be called facts but I’d say they are pretty accurate assumptions. 

1) Person A would result in greater fat gain than person B

2) Person A is far more likely to be ill

3) Person B will feel more energetic

4) Person A is likely to want more food and will crave sugar

5) Person B will have a massively reduced chance of heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc (FACT) 

6) Person B is intaking many more vitamins and minerals (FACT)

7) There is absolutely no way Person A and B will have the same outcome if they trained the same for 8 weeks and ate that meal every day; based on the calorie equation. 

Calories are important but don’t get hung up on them. Nutrition goes far deeper than calories per day. 

The next 2 blogs will be on carbohydrates and fats and how the body reacts?

I will discuss common foods/habits that are seen as good or bad for us.

Pasta is healthy right? 

Saturated fat will kill give you heart attack won’t it?

You can eat carbs after 6? Must be a joke. 


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