Scott’s 30 day challenge: The Blueprint

I based Scott’s 30 day challenge on a diet protocol called carb backloading. A clever guy called John Keifer created it.

The concept is that you burn fat for fuel through the day and take on carbohydrates post workout to refuel and build muscle. But the first 10 days you only eat 30g of carbs each day , even after training. I haven’t done the low carb 10 days myself but I know Scott found it tough and the majority of people would (providing they are training hard).

The reason for the 1st 10 days is to increase insulin sensitivity (1) and force the body into ketosis (2)

1) Increased insulin sensitivity means that your body when given sugar reacts more “aggressively”. A bit like when someone who doesn’t drink caffeine has 2 cans of red bull, they will be very sensitive to the effects. Insulin sensitivity can be used to great advantage when building muscle. Insulin is an anabolic (muscle building) hormone, so post workout when you take on sugars/carbohydrates it creates an anabolic environment within the muscle cell.

2) Ketosis is when the body burns fat for fuel as carbohydrate stores are so low (this is how the Atkins diet works).

John Keifer claims that you can eat junk, build muscle and stay lean with the carb backloading principle. Some people have got some incredible results from it. Just type carb backloading into google and see.

He promotes and suggests that post workout you eat foods that are high glycemic index (the ability of a food to raise blood sugar levels). Foods that typically have a high glycemic index include ice cream, sweets, chocolate, pizza, cheesecake etc. This is due to the increased insulin sensitivity.

It seems great to train and then refuel just on foods that are junk and taste great but this is certainly not a way to live consistently. These foods may promote an anabolic environment but they are full of shit.

So.. What I did was take the principle and adapt it slightly to make it healthier but still take advantage of the insulin.

Typical meals for Scott were

Breakfast (protein and fat)

Omelette, load of veg
Bacon and eggs
Chicken and nuts
Salmon and avocado

Anytime meals (protein and fat)

Salad with meat (chicken, steak etc)
Lean beef mince and green veg (butter on veg)
Meat and nuts
Meat and veg (butter on veg)

Immediately – Post workout

Protein shake, Bananas, melon (shouldn’t have really used melon after knowing what I know now swap it to apricot)

Post workout meal (protein and carbs).

Chicken and rice
Jacket potato and tuna
Sweet potato, steak.
Chilli and rice

And twice a week with Scott we allowed desert.

Ice cream
Dark chocolate

Scott got great results in 30 days and it was a great trial but..

There are things I would change for next time..

That’s the next blog.

If you don’t have a diet you follow and want a rough guideline then I’d recommend giving this a go.

Direct questions to @bencullen_


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