The idea behind the 30 day challenge was to give someone a nutritional protocol without changing their training programme to see the effects..

Before I start I am not saying this is the best way to drop body fat but this protocol did work. There will always be people that want to get lean for holidays in a short space of time, Scott came under this category.

We had 33 days before his holiday to get him lean.. The protocol was similar to a carb backloading template. This means that scott would have high fat and high protein all day and then save his carbs until after training. But the first 10 days were only 30g or carbs per day. This is how it looked

Days 1-9

Training – Weight trained 4x and played a rugby match (not planned initially)

Diet – High fat and high protein, only 30g of carbs per day (just came from green veg)

Day 10

Training – Upper body weights ’emptied the tank’. By this time Scott will have had virtually no carbs left within his muscle cells making this a very tough session.

Diet – Refeed. Scott was allowed to eat carbs after training, as much as he wanted. These were carbs high in sugar to create an insulin response and force glucose into the muscle. Protein was kept high too.

Days 11-30

Training – Scotts training varied in the last period, he hurt is shoulder in rugby and couldn’t lift for a week so we added some high intensity cycling and played rugby a couple of times too.

Diet – On non training days – 30g carbs (green veg), high fat, high protein

– Training Days – High fat, high protein pre training. Carb refeed after training.

The reason for the first 10 days on 30g per day was to force the body into ketosis. This basically means we have primed the body into using fat for energy as glycogen levels are so low.

There are a few things that I would change about this but we were both pretty pleased with the results. The types of foods Scott was eating will be in the follow up article..

The photos below are not ideal; me and Scott struggled to meet up to take photos for a few reasons but you can see a clear difference.

Please bare in mind Scott already had a large amount of muscle beforehand; don’t assume you’ll look like this after 30 days.





Day 30


Scott did work very hard…

But I’m gonna start charging soon ! 🙂


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