Forget six packs

Forget sub 10% body fat

Forget 17 inch biceps

Forget size 6 dress size

Forget looking good on the beach

Forget looking good naked

Forget gaining 3kg in lean body mass

Forget benching 180kg

Just for now…

Our nutrition goes far beyond our performance and aesthetic goals.. For some readers of this you may not have any goals similar to these. But your nutrition is still essential to life, the way you feel and perform (psychologically, physiologically and physically) will largely be influenced by how you feed yourself.

Before I get started… I’m not saying to never eat a McDonald’s again or a pizza or cheesecake or Chinese or any other “bad foods”. But these definitely should make up the minority of your diet, a treat if you like.

I can guarantee if your diet is full of processed foods and you start changing them for some natural, single ingredient foods you will feel remarkably better. Improved energy and mood could determine how you perform in every aspect of your life…

So here we go,

There is a large population across the UK that eat a lot of oven based processed food and ready meals. Next time you go to a supermarket just have a look at how much is fresh and how much is processed. By processed I mean pizza, chips, wedges, breaded chicken fillets, fish fingers, waffles, standard ready meals etc. Research has proven that these foods are detrimental to health and do not provide the nutrients we require to function efficiently.

I believe that most people judge health by weight, if you are very skinny then you are deemed unwell, if you are overweight you may be seen as “a heart attack waiting to happen”. So how come some people that are “young, fit and healthy” die of a heart attack?

We’ve all heard “how can he/she eat so much and still be skinny”

The point I’m making is that just because you may look well from the outside doesn’t mean that you are in perfect working order.

This can be massively influenced by the food that goes in our mouth.

We are amazing machines and can still function pretty well if we are fed shit (not for long) but we can function incredibly if fuelled with good food.

Something to consider for the future despite everyone’s favourite saying for a while; YOLO. Prolonged poor eating habits can lead to

Heart disease
High blood pressure
Type 2 diabetes
Many gut complications

Many people will read this and think “not going to happen to me”. What about the 31.6 million people that have cancer (cancer research, 2010), it happened to them. I understand many of these cases may have been smoking related for example, but eating well will have helped these patients too.

Despite YOLO and all that jazz, surely you don’t want to face life threatening diseases at a young age just because you ate poorly.

Food goes far beyond our physique, what you put in determines what you get out.

You should be conscious of your health, make small changes to make it maintainable.

Maybe follow the 80/20 rule. If you eat well 80% of the time you can treat yourself 20% of the time.


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