The macronutrient breakdown is what the majority of people will look at when examining the food labels on a product (if they look at it that is)

This includes myself up until about 6 months ago.

The ingredients are very important as many foods available in the supermarket are filled with additives and or preservatives many which are genetically modified and chemically engineered.

These agents added into foods will put your body under stress when trying to process and digest them. Some of these ingredients are classed as toxins which is also linked to increased fat gain.

What should we opt for when shopping?

Single ingredient foods

This doesn’t mean a single ingredient per meal. It means there is only one ingredient in that food.

So a banana is a banana
A potato is a potato
A cucumber is a cucumber and so on.

Be careful when it comes to food that isn’t fresh and has been processed.

These are some examples I’ve taken from the tesco website.

Chicken breast pieces. A likely option at £1.80. Not just chicken though.


Potato wedges.. look at these ingredients.


Chicken dippers.. Not actually that much chicken


Then you look at This bag of veg.. 75p. Look at these ingredients, a perfect buy for students.


Eating “healthy” isn’t expensive if you shop effectively.

We should look to eat simple foods the majority of the time

Uncooked meats
Fruit and vegetables (lots of it)

This food list is simple but will provide a good base for your nutrition.

Richard Branson has a “KISS” saying, it means keep it simple stupid. The same counts for nutrition.

Foods that are not single ingredient foods should be kept to a minimum in the diet for optimal health, the body will not be as efficient when processing these.


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