Carbohydrates are very complicated when it comes to diet.

They have many classifications, high GI, moderate GI, low GI, low-med-high glycemic load, complex, simple, fibre, natural, processed etc….

I used to base meals initially on a protein source, then carbohydrate, then decide what veg I could have and used to keep fat to a minimum. I didn’t know any different and fat is apparently the enemy.

I don’t follow this approach any more after studying nutrition in greater deal since doing my MSc and following people such as Ben Coomber and Alex ferentinos on twitter.

This is my current diet protocol… And what I’ve recommended to people to try.

I currently only consume carbohydrates from veg and berries (sometimes a piece of fruit) pre training. I base all my meals on protein, then veg, then I add a fat source.

Post training I will have a protein shake with maltodextrin (carb powder), some fruit and then a meal with a large amount of carbs.

The carbs in my meal are wheat free sources, fruit, potatoes (mainly sweet potatoes), rice and sometimes oats.

By manipulating my carbohydrates this way I am up regulating fat burning throughout the day and refuelling after training.

Since following this approach I have lost body fat (visual not measured how much exactly) and my weight has increased (trying to reach 92kg by September). But more importantly I feel much better, my energy levels are improved and sustained, and my rugby/gym performance has improved. I’m a rugby player not a bodybuilder and I don’t train for aesthetics, but since following this my body composition has improved.

Before trying this I thought it would be impossible to play rugby matches and train without taking on carbs before hand. It’s turned out to be better for me providing I take on a lot of fat.

If you are looking to improve your body, feel better, improve performance I recommend you try this following approach to see how you feel, even if its for a week. Everyone is different and it may not work for you but all the people I have recommended it to have benefitted.

Training days

Pre training – high fat, moderate to high protein with lots of veg.
Post training – moderate to high carb (moderate if looking to lose fat, high if you are building muscle/concerned with performance), high protein, lots of veg.

Non training days

add your carbs to the evening meal of that day.

By manipulating your carbohydrate you will control your blood sugar levels and increase fat burning throughout the day.

Sample day based on 4 meals.

Meal 1 – omelette with spinach and chicken (whole eggs)
Meal 2 – lean beef mince with green veg (kerrygold butter on veg)
Meal 3 – (pre training) chicken, avocado, salad
Meal 4 – (post training) chilli, rice, veg or salad.

Snacks- nuts and berries.

Any questions direct them to @bencullen_


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