Weight loss part 2.

If you haven’t read part 1. Give that a 90 second read to understand this section.


I hope that the questions in part one helped you create clear goals and motivated you to take steps towards achieving them. If you want to lose weight and stay leaner then you must alter some eating and exercise habits.

As I’ve already stated in part 1 I am not going to create a new diet, but I will offer some simple steps to kick start your weight loss. Introducing gradual changes is much more likely to help you change habits and maintain a leaner body. If you want to lose it in the first place I doubt you would want to return to your current condition if it was possible to stay slimmer.

So… Hopefully you’ve answered question 1 (why do you want to lose weight? )

You’ve created a goal, you need to stay motivated to reach it. Its important that you have a timescale, its hard to stay focused otherwise.Track your progress, it will make a difference. It may be through photos, weighing scales, how your clothes fit. But the most important factor is having a record of it. How are you going to remembered what you weighed each week for the last 15 weeks without noting it.

Question 2 (what are you current eating habits?)

1- The carbohydrates you’re eating you should probably look to reduce. Don’t eradicate it from your diet but reduce them, to make progress. In my opinion you should reduce wheat sources to a minimum (bread, pasta, various breakfast cereals) and replace with brown rice, vegetables, sweet potatoes and oats.

2- Reduce your sugar. Sugar alters blood sugar levels with a resulting surge in insulin. This surge in insulin causes fat gain in a nut shell. So reduce your sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks, deserts etc.

3 – Your fruit and vegetable intake should be the first point of intervention for you to improve health and well-being. The vitamins and minerals are vital for bodily functions as well as preventing disease and illness. Look to incorporate them into every meal. Frozen veg is very cheap and convenient. E.g. A large bag of spinach from the supermarket is around £1.30.

4- Breakfast is a key meal to lose weight. Government guidelines recommend a hearty carbohydrate breakfast to start the day. Such as a high fibre cereal or whole grains. However, I don’t recommend a carbohydrate breakfast, particularly if you are trying to lose weight. Some people may disagree but there are lots of people that will agree with me. If you avoid carbohydrates for breakfast and have a high fat, high protein breakfast then you will upregulate fat burning and have improved energy levels. As already mentioned, insulin levels need to be controlled. A good breakfast may be a spinach and tomato omelette, salmon and cream cheese or meat and nuts. I understand as students money needs to be budgeted. Value eggs from supermarkets are not ideal but they are far better than no breakfast or a cereal option. Be creative with eggs!

5- You may enjoy a treat at times; chocolate cake, ice cream, sweets, cheesecake etc. you must limit the amount of these foods you eat. They taste good because they are generally high in sugar or saturated fat or both. I’m not telling you to never eat them again but to reach your weight loss goal then you must be conscious of the foods ‘holding you back’.

Question 3 was relating to how much exercise you currently do? And what time slots do you have available to train?

You may not want to hit the gym and lift heavy weights 4 times a week but exercise will take you towards you goal. To keep this simple Im going to recommend some exercise options to start your weight loss..

1) Walking!! Have a walk when you wake up BEFORE eating breakfast. This will burn fat that is already stored in the body. Walk to your lectures the long way round, walk to the shops to buy the eggs for your breakfast,walk anywhere. Just do it to burn fat.

2) High intensity interval training .. There are many different protocols that can be followed some that include different equipment too. A simple example is to spend 20 minutes on a exercise bike. The last 15 seconds of each minute are a sprint the other 45 seconds is spent at a gradual pace.

3) Weights!! But I’m not going to advise on weight programmes in this short article. That’s another piece to be written on its own. But my advice would be to lift heavy as opposed to doing 30 reps and trying to “tone”. 8 reps as heavy as you can may be a starting point for you.

4) JUST EXERCISE !! Get motivated but start off small. Don’t think you have to go to the gym everyday to make progress. Be active, often. Simple.

I like to keep articles short, I don’t want to flood people with information for so many reasons. So in a nutshell …


Losing weight is not as simple as reducing calories every day and you will continue to lose weight until you reach your goal. A big part is what you eat, when you eat and being active.

Any questions? Direct them to @bencullen_ or bencullen13@gmail.com


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    • Thank you very much.. No I didn’t actually. It’s all in the free theme options. I played around for a little while and found this one which worked nicely.

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