Fitness, nutrition and health are a big part of many men and women’s lives. However their goals, philosophies, lifestyle and outlook can be completely different. This article is aimed at females wanting to lose weight however a lot of the principles can be adjusted to fit many situations. The 3 questions that you will read later on in the article can be answered for any individual looking to improve their current condition.

This is going to be the first section of a 2 part article looking at weight loss. This article is not going to be a revolutionary new diet that I’ve created, its simple advice to help kick start your weight loss before you dig deeper into science and you’re own physiology if you wish too.

Weight loss may be a goal for someone but the reasons why would be individual to that person. Everyone has different goals, ambitions and perceptions.

Before “dieting” and doing something stupid like eating 300 calories a day or only drinking blended cabbage there are a few questions in my opinion that should be answered to help the weight loss process.

1- why do you want to lose weight?

The answer may be to fit into a dress size 12, lose 2 stone, look good on the beach, feel good naked, get to 10% body fat. However the more specific the answer the easier a goal is to prescribe for, monitor and set time targets for yourself.

If we don’t know our final destination then how do we know which road to take?

2- what are you current eating habits?

You must be honest with yourself. An answer such as “I eat quite healthy” is not going to cut it. A good idea would be to create a diary try and remember roughly what you’ve eaten the last 4 days and then spend 30 minutes analysing what you’ve eaten. There are a million things you could nit pick out of a diet but this is just simple starting point. Do some research and answer the following based on your diet

1 – how many carbohydrates are you taking in each day?
2 – how much of this is sugar?
3 – how much fruit and veg do you eat per day?
4 – what do you eat for breakfast?
5 – what is your weakness? Your favourite food that you eat that is “unhealthy”.

3a – What exercise are you currently doing?
3b – what time slots do you have available each day to exercise?

Nutrition is key to losing weight but exercise is just as important. Be honest with how much you’re currently doing. A 15 minute time slot is big enough to exercise.

I understand that some people are very busy, I am currently doing a MSc and work 4-5 days a week so I have to fit in my training around my other commitments. You may fall into this category.

I also know that there are many people with lots of time in their hands. You have no excuse if you fall into this category.

If you do want to lose weight, don’t rush into it. Research has shown that crash diets often result in increased weight following the diet period. Also; let’s not forget our health. If we are in good health the little things will fall into place.

The second section of “weight loss” will follow on and outline some simple nutritional steps you can take based on the questions answered here.


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