What is bulking??

It is a word that is thrown around regularly. Especially in bodybuilding and rugby in recent years.

Essentially …

Bulking is eating more calories than is required

With the aim of trying to increase muscle mass.

This does not mean you should look to eat anything in site or eat take always regularly or drinks sugary drinks or eat lots of junk. I’ve made this mistake myself.

If I was to look to “bulk” now, there would be a few things I would consider first.

1- Why am I trying to bulk?
….. If the answer is for sport (e.g. rugby) then be very careful. Increasing weight may not make you a better player. Imagine putting extra weight in the boot of your car. Will it perform better? Make sure you increase the engine while you add the weight (LIFT HEAVY)

2- What am I currently eating in an average day?
…. Increase calories by 500-1000 a day to make steady gains

3- What foods do I use to increase my calories
… Eat mainly natural foods to increase calories, nuts, seeds, avocados, beef, sweet potato. If it has to be a sandwich then make it whole meal. Try a bagel.

4- How do eat more?
…. An easy option is to increase food intake before bed. Always eat a meal before bed. Porridge, peanut butter bagel, pint of milk, almonds etc.

500-100 calories extra a day can come in countless forms. But make an educated and sensible increase ..

Extra calories a day could be

•Big mac – 540 Kcal
•Mars bar, can of coke, pack of crisps – 520 Kcal
•Bag of chips – 800 to 1000 Kcal


•Wholemeal chicken sandwich and nuts – 515 Kcal
•Pint of skimmed milk, porridge, peanut butter – 505 Kcal

Don’t just eat for the sake of eating. This will help fat gain more than muscle gain.


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