Every body knows that we should all eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.

But how many people know why?

The majority of people probably know that we obtain vitamins and minerals from them

But why are they important?

They do not provide energy but are vital to carry out processes within the body.

They are only needed in small amounts to prevent deficiency and deterioration in health and growth. Vitamins and minerals are important for the average person to help prevent conditions and diseases. Vitamin deficiency can lead to fatigue, poor skin, teeth and bones or could lead to severe illness.


For athletes or those wishing to make performance gains then certain vitamins and minerals may be increased slightly. However if some vitamins are taken in extreme excess then more harm than good can be done.

Low vitamin intake can affect muscle contraction, haemoglobin synthesis, and energy metabolism.

Below is a brief list of the role various vitamins play in exercise

B vitamins – needed for cell growth for muscle building and repair, support and increase rate of metabolism, regulating muscle tone

Vitamin C and E – needed for antioxidant purposes. Reduce free radicals which damage muscle properties. Don’t consume before training though, this may affect training response.

Vitamin D – needed for Bone density

Vitamin A – needed for protein synthesis

Be sure to obtain your vitamins from food rather than supplements. Some research has shown that supplements are less effective at delivering the same amount compared to food sources.

Eat meals that are high in colour, this will ensure variety in vitamins!!

This is one meal I recently ate which was prepared very quickly and is very nutritious.



4 thoughts on “Fruit and Veg.. Why eat them?

    • Thanks for you feedback mate but I think you may have misread. I did not mention fruits providing energy.

      I said that vitamins or minerals do not provide energy. This may be where you got confused.

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