Snacks, why do we eat them?

In between meals we may often get peckish. When its not possible to cook a meal. When we are bored we often feel hungry. When we are on the go and no time to sit down and eat. For some people it may be to add extra calories or nutrients.

We all snack from time to time. But what options are typically available to us in the vending machine? Or at the garage till? In the work canteen?

I’d say the majority is sweets, chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks. These are high in fat and high in sugar. They do the body no favours if its just a snack we are looking for.


NUTS – best are almonds, pistachios and cashews. Contain protein and omega 3 fats. Be careful what they are cooked in. Avoid nuts packaged or roasted in oil. Opt for dry roasted.

Be careful to not eat too many peanuts, pecan and macadamia nuts. Lowest protein content and highest fats.


Try different fruits if you are very limited in what you currently have. If you cut up or open a fruit make sure you eat it quickly. When fruits are exposed to air they lose nutrients. So eat your fruit once you expose it. So don’t have half an apple now and half later.


Why not try a seed mix? Great seeds are pumpkin, sunflower, flax. Seeds contain nutrients like iron, protein, vitamins and omega fats.


A better alternative to crisps. Don’t eat any popcorn, look for low calorie popcorn.


Why not cut up some vegetables and have them with a houmous dip. Carrots, cucumber, celery etc.


Why not try ryvita instead of bread? Find a healthy spread of your choice to make a great snack.

About 5 weeks ago I signed up to graze.com. Have a look a their website. All natural foods, that come in a neat box through the letterbox. You can choose your nutrition plan. It’s a great company. All of the boxes are flavoured in some way. I must have had 20 different littles boxes and I’ve enjoyed every one.


Stay healthy, increase nutrients and snack better. But they must be bought in advance, preparation is key. Don’t eat the rubbish available around us, look for healthier snacks the next time you shop


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