Each carbohydrate is given a glycemic index value.

Glycemic index is the potential of foods to raise blood sugar level. Glycemic effect of pure glucose is 100, so most foods have a value below 100.

Low glycemic foods are below 59 —– Medium are 60-69 ——– High are above 70.

High GI diets are associated with weight gain, obesity, increased risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular.

Low glycemic diets reduce the effects of all of above.

For people who are exercise, play sports, train regularly etc. Then

Pre exercise – Low GI foods

E.g.brown rice, yams, brown pasta, wholemeal bread, spaghetti, bananas

Immediately post exercise – High GI foods

E.g. isotonic sports drink, watermelon, breakfast cereals (cheerios, rice crispies, shredded wheat).

When making food choices it is important to consider the glycemic index of food. High GI foods cause blood sugar levels to raise rapidly. Energy levels are not sustained and you get that “crash” feeling.


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